Maintaining a healthy beard made simple!

Has wearing a mask been uncomfortable for your beard and skin? Beard been irritating, dry, or itchy lately? Don’t worry, we all know that feeling, and we have the perfect solution. Rapido Beard Spray is here to keep your beard clean and fresh. Rapido Beard Spray allows you to seamlessly keep up with your beard grooming, anytime and anywhere. Further more, Rapido allows you to have a clean and healthy beard and skin underneath, reaching an extra mile to satisfy your needs

Formulated to Keep Beards Clean & Healthy

Rapido Beard Spray is a nourishing beard spray for beards that can be used at any time throughout the course of the day! We use natural ingredients to help soothe, moisturize, and remove impurities. Its antimicrobial properties help freshen up the beard and relieve itching and irritation of the skin. It is also rich in natural minerals. Feel confident wherever you are with Rapido Spray at your side.

Anti-Bacterial Effect
Most men manage their beards with hair-only products. Products with antimicrobial effects are rare, and oils provide an easier environment for bacteria to grow. On the other hand, few of Rapido products’ ingredients, including Macapride Extract and Peppermint Extract have excellent antimicrobial effects against Staphylococcus Aureus, a major cause of folliculitis.


Restores Dry Skin
Dryness can occur when your skin is exposed to dry, cold weather of hot water when taking a bath or shower. If you maintain your beard with shampoo, the shampoo washes away skin moisture under the beard, creating a dry and hostile environment for your skin.


Prevents Folliculitis
When hair follicles are inflamed, folliculitis occurs. This inflammation can be caused by a number of factors including germs, viruses, fungi, parasitic infections, clogging of hair follicles, etc. Folliculitis is characterized by reddened skin, pus and sting.

Prevents Seborrhoeic Eczema
It is a chronic eczematous disease that occurs in scalp, chest, armpits, groin, beard and the like where sebum sebum secretion is strong. It is accompanied by symptoms such as erythema of the skin, papule, itching, dry feeling, and skin pulling. When there is a beard, the water does not evaporate well, and seborrhoeic eczema may appear due to loss of the balance of the water in the skin.


Easy To Use
Rapido for men’s beard is a product made up of natural ingredients that promote clean and healthier beards. It is very easy to use as a spray formulation and can be used anytime and anywhere, at your convenience.


Lasting Effect
Due to food stains or dirt, etc. beards need to washed and maintained often. The soothing spray ingredients of Rapido for man provide a clean and healthy anti-bacterial effect. Bonds easily with beard. Lasting subtle fragrance, not robust.


On the go. Anytime, anywhere. Small bottle to carry around everywhere. After you eat, play, workout, etc. Whenever or whatever the situation, Rapido Beard Spray got you covered.



• Xylitol (natural sugar replacement)
• Phellodendri Cortex (Chinese herb tree bark)
• Snail Secretin Filtrate – Anti-aging. Helps heal wounds faster. Anti-bacterial.
• Argan Oil – Vitamin E. Softens Skin. Anti-aging
• L-Arginine – Active metabolism of skin cells. Restores damaged skin. Keeps skin healthy.
• Maca Root – Soften rough skin. Anti-bacterial. Improves male fuctions
• Purslane Plant Extract – Anti-bacterial. Prevents skin disease. Sooth sensitive skin.
• Chamomilla Flower Extract – Helps atopic dermatitis. Prevents dehydration, Improves skin.


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I hae been looking for a product like this for years. I have been resorting to scrubbing my beard off with some beard oil and water, which I wouldn't call efficient. And this spray just saved the day, and now I just spray to get sticky stuff off my beard. It's so convenient.

DK Wozniak Customer
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Definitely worth your bucks! And just love the scent!

Rodrigo Munos Customer
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I have to say, Rapido Spray is a great quick fixer for your beard hiccups

Derek Smith Customer
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This product made my life much easier. I am more confident with my beard. Just a quick spray, that's all you need.

Sam Surapaneni Customer
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Now I cannot do away without rapido spray

Ricky Brian Customer
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This spray is the best thing that has ever happened ever since I got into beard grooming

Sean Woods Customer